I’m writing this now from a guesthouse along Iceland’s Ring Road, where the wifi seems pretty decent. It seems odd to think back to an earlier trip when I’m currently on one, but I’ve also had time to look back at my old photos and choose the good ones. I do quite miss Paris. Advertisements

It’s been basically two and half years since I last posted (law school got in the way of this website, as it tends to do with many things), but it’s been a week since my final NUS paper so this seems like a good time to resuscitate this website. And also to rediscover parts of […]

I visited Brussels on a day-trip out from Amsterdam, mostly because Amsterdam was getting rather boring (and too expensive), and I wanted to try Belgian mussels. They were damn good. Brussels is one of the most photogenic cities I’ve been to, and it was a pleasure just walking the streets and sampling the chocolate at […]

              I don’t really remember much about Amsterdam except that the museums were terribly overpriced, that Dutch food wasn’t that great (but their Indonesian rijstaffel was outstanding), and that I was 10 persons away from getting into a Royal Concertgebouw lunchtime concert. Dang. That being said Amsterdam was one […]

I zipped out to Cologne one day on a whim to visit its famous Cathedral, which was, as I gather, the only thing worth visiting in Cologne. In fact the rail station got parked right outside it, making short visits all the more convenient. While it is a beautiful exemplar of Gothic architecture, and a […]

Haven’t posted in ages once again, so for now i’m endeavouring to clear my Europe backlog by January. Berlin was my next stop after Munich, and it was absolutely freezing when I got there. I’m rather sensitive to cold, but I also enjoy exploring on foot, which didn’t work out to be the most convenient […]

The Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong made for quite the contrast with the rest of bustling, commercialized Hong Kong. The temple buildings are actually small, squat, and unassuming, as set against the backdrop of towering housing blocks, but that simply speaks of the temple’s historic importance to the people of Hong Kong.

These are just a few pictures I took while in Hong Kong earlier this year, right before law school started. It was a simpler time haha. Hong Kong is world-renowned for its food, and justly so. But food photography has never really been my passion, that field being overwhelmed by Singaporean instagrammers, so I shall […]